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📝Spiritual Bro rose out of an attempt to deal directly with difficulties raised by the influence of language upon thought.

No 📝linguistic therapy can abolish these defects of ordinary language. To use 📝Spirit Check is not to then learn to speak in a "perfect" way, but rather to learn what it means to speak imperfectly.
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About Bot Boutique

Brian Swichkow

I,📝Brian Swichkow,

I have been labeled a serial entrepreneur, a growth hacker, and a '📝Reddit Marketing Expert'

📝nonlinear storyteller, retired "growth hacker", and (newly declared) contemporary artist. Swichkow is (by his own declaration) a 📝Meticulously Ridiculous, 📝Spiritual Entertainer.

Swichkow became internet infamous in 2014 after publishing a story about pranking his roommate with targeted Facebook ads. With this, he launched 📝Ghost Influence; a Reddit-first agency, community...

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